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Navigating the Market

The real estate market is hyperlocal. It’s not about what homes are selling for on average nationally or even across the state; it’s about what is happening in your neighborhood.

I am your local expert and can provide up-to-date information on home values, strategies for buying or selling, and market trends. I have chosen to partner with John L. Scott in part because they are an industry leader that is continually recognized nationally.

About Christina

I love mid-century modern homes, ramblers, eclectic lofts, craftsman bungalows, and all properties with intriguing stories and views, but I would love to help you buy or sell any style of home or property. 

If you feel unsure about how to prepare your home to sell, I have an interior design degree from the University of Illinois and can help you from a researched design-to-sell perspective.

My brokerage team, including pro transaction coordinator, operations/admin team, and two managing brokers, has over fifty years of combined real estate experience. 

Whether you are dreaming about buying a home for your growing family, or just starting to learn how to buy a first condo, or downsizing to travel - whatever your "someday dream" is - we would love to help you make that someday happen. 

With warmest regards,
Christina Hyun


Connect with me on social: 

Snap: christinahyun

IG: christina.hyun

FB: Christina Hyun Realtor®

LinkedIn: Christina Hyun

Blog: Christina Hyun | Realtor®

Tw: @ChristinaHyun




Latest Reviews

"If you haven't had a true Realtor, Christina is the best! She is honest and fair and trustworthy. I appreciate her honesty and support and could not have sold my condo as quickly as I was hoping to without her. Christina satisfied all my needs and beyond and didn't miss any details. She was perfect!"

-Cecile G.


"I had felt for a while that Duvall was the area I really wanted to live. When I finally decided to look for a house, I was a long-distance, out-of-state buyer for Christina, but Christina made it easy! She was on top of what was coming to market and had listened to me to know what I specifically wanted. With the price range I was in, it was hard with the very competitive market being what it was. But one house kept coming to our attention, and Christina suggested we go see it as it had all the elements we needed - the right number of bedrooms/bathrooms, Duvall location, and gardening space. We made our initial offer, and Christina was really on top of everything with further negotiations on offer details! We had difficult sellers and Christina ran interference on our behalf consistently. That is a very strong point about her - as her clients, she made sure we achieved a very fair deal in our favor, and she advocated on our behalf whenever difficulties came up. 

We got the house, and it became a great family project! My daughter & son-in-law's family who lives nearby felt very happy to be such a big part of this home purchase, and we all have been very blessed through it!"

-Kathy P.



"I had the pleasure of partnering with Christina on a transaction involving mutual clients. I've been in the lending industry for 25 years now and have come to recognize the common traits in good Realtors. By "good" I mean accessible, timely and ethical. Christina definitely shows these traits and puts her clients ahead of her own interests. It's refreshing!"

-Rodney Coulombe
Caliber Home Loans
Bellevue, WA



"I recently purchased a condo with help from Christina Hyun. Christina is a professional and courteous realtor who deals effectively with challenges encountered during the home buying process. She helped and guided me through the many steps required to finalize the purchase of the condo in a pretty competitive real estate market. 

Christina and her team are a great asset to a home buyer or seller. I highly recommend her services to my family and friends."